Professional Press Release

Online reputation management is an essential service. If you are a business providing products/services, some of the customers write a review about your company. Since these reviews are unbiased they include both good and bad points about your company’s product/service offered to the customer. These reviews get indexed pretty quickly and sometimes occupy page 1 on Google for certain keywords which also provide you with business. This results in loss of potential clients as they have access to these reviews posted by your previous customers. At BudgetSEO we understand how crucial it is to have a good reputation online.


As mentioned above, not all of the customers/clients you serve are completely satisfied. Some of them can get to the extent of writing negative reviews about your company on top sites which get indexed quickly hampering your reputation (Some of the reviews are genuine, while some could be created by your competitors). Unfortunately these negative reviews occupy the first page of search results for your main keyword which is also a source of fresh leads for your business. BudgetSEO’s Professional Press ReleaseĀ  strategy pushes these negative reviews down in no time.

We’ll need the keyword for which the negative review is appearing on the front page, that’s all BudgetSEO guarantees that these negative reviews will be pushed down and replaced by great Press Releases about your company/business. We get the negative review pushed down or your money back “ No Questions asked “.


What will the Plan include?

Creation of Press Release – Our experts will create a newsworthy press release which will have a word count of 400-500 words adhering to the guidelines laid down by Press Release Sites which ensures high approvals (90%+)

Manual Press Release Distribution – Your Press Release will be manually distributed to 90 Press Release Sites with proper formatting and right anchor texts.

Collection of Links – BudgetSEO will collect live links (Minimum 50) and provide them in an excel sheet, this is an important element in the service.

Promoting the Press Release – Amongst the 50 live press releases, top 10 will be selected and manually bookmarked to 40 social news sites so as to increase the visibility of your Press Release

Enhancing the Press Release – Your Press Release will be shared at document sharing sites like docstoc, scribd, slideshare etc., which is accessed by countless members. We’ll provide you with the links for this service.

Building a subscriber Base – We’ll collect the RSS feeds of the top 5 Press Release author accounts and submit it to 50 exclusive RSS feed directories. Once your feeds are subscribed, you’ll have a strong reader base for releases done using these accounts.


BudgetSEO will provide a free bonus which will gather social media audience to you press release. Your press release will be presented in 35 social media sites for free. The direct links to your press release in the social media sites will be provided in the final report.

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