Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks is a great way to boost backlinks. These are do-follow backlinks from authority sites which get indexed quickly, apart from that its a great source of obtaining one way backlinks from diversified domains hosted on multiple servers (unique IP addresses). As BudgetSEO uses aged accounts for bookmarking client URLs, these get indexed pretty quickly and have higher authority over fresh accounts. Each bookmark is pinged at no extra cost.

Since this method of sharing Internet bookmarks for easy management and allows access to bookmarks, it became very popular. Many people use social bookmarking websites for information and knowledge on a topic. This gave the opportunity for companies, their products and services through these sites market.

The key benefits of social bookmarking

Fast Indexing: The fastest way to a web page or site visits by the search engines and from them it is one of the popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller and others have cataloged.

Traffic Generation: There are more online bookmarking your pages, everything is indexed, you are also a part of the traffic these sites, once you submit guaranteed. Since you also mark (or submit under your niche keywords) to be much of the traffic these sites are also very focused.

Quality Backlinks: Another important advantage of social bookmarking is that you get anchor text back links, such as the one on your website and search engine in relation to these sites of Paris as authority sites, so that most bookmarking sites high PR, so you get quality backlinks for your site.

Improve Search Engine Ranking: How to above to submit your websites in different bookmarking sites you mentioned quality of backlinks, which in turn improves your ranking in search engines and get more visitors to the pages trageted lead search engines.

Difference between DoFollow and Nofollow Backlinks
The main difference between dofollow and nofollow backlinks that dofollow backlinks examined by the search engines and your site will be credited with a backlink backlinks, while nofollow not scanned by search engines, and will not make your site credited with a backlink.

What to submit pages bookmarking sites
Social Bookmarking is a great way to get back links to your inner pages. If you have a small website bookmarking all of your pages will help you every page rank better for the entire duration of the specific key search engines. can, however, if you have a huge bookmarking site main page as the homepage, the best strategy for higher rankings in the SERP.

We provide various types of social bookmarks apart from regular bookmarks.

Regular Bookmarks News Bookmarks Do-Follow Bookmarks Dual Link Bookmarks


BudgetSEO maintains a list of 1,000 social bookmark sites. We also provide foreign bookmark service where your website is bookmarked in sites having TLD’s except .com’s. DIversify your backlink base by obtaining backlinks from multiple TLD’s hosted on various global servers (an essential ingredient for SEO). All URLs are pinged at an additional cost FREE of charge for quick indexing.

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